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Our evolution to Titan ONE

We’ve recently updated our name to Titan ONE, and this is why:

At Titan, we’ve been on a journey to evolve what we do, and more importantly why we do it. Many of our clients are on the same journey — to uncover and evolve into new, effective ways to define and communicate their mission and vision to prospects, customers and employees. 

For us, it’s never been simply about what we are executing but rather: 

👉  Who it’s aimed at 

👉  Why it matters to them 

👉  How it will impact them

👉  How it connects to brand 

👉  What the measurable goals are

Our business started in brand and creative almost 26 years ago. That’s still an important part of what we do. But our offering has long since evolved — we’re helping clients with brand architecture and positioning, content strategy and execution, campaigns, creative, integrated CRM and marketing automation.


Connecting with our 'why' 

Our new name, Titan ONE, is a better representative of our desire to connect strategy into tactics. One to one. One strategy. One flywheel, creating momentum from one touchpoint to the next.

It's rooted in the idea that every ‘contact’ you may have in your CRM, every person you are marketing to, every customer you are connecting with, every employee — is unique. Not a generic persona. Someone with individual wants, needs and challenges.

When you see relationships with people as the governing force behind what you do, and why you do it — the world opens up to a better way of approaching what otherwise may drift towards the transactional. It makes things about them — not you. 

In our experience, the integrated approach yields better results and drives longer-lasting growth. Because those touchpoints permeate a little deeper. Personalized relationships driven by value vs. transactions pushed by broad claims and promises.

That's a 'why' that gives us purpose, and energizes us in the work we do for our clients.

And it's a foundation that we're excited to build on.